Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bank D.A. likely to increase 23 slabs from Feb'13

Bank D.A. likely to increase 23 slabs from Feb'13

With the release of AICPIN data of November'12 following is the calculation of anticipated D.A. increase for Bankers for Feb, Mar & April 2013.

                           Base 2000=100                           Base 1960=100
October'12               217                                             4953.22
November'12           218                                              4976.05
December'12            218                                              4976.05 (Anticipated)

Average Index                                                                4968
Less : Merged Index                                                       2836
Slabs (Expected)                                                               532
Current Slab                                                                      510
Expected Increase                                                               22 Slabs

The calculation shows that if the inflation remains in the current level for the next month, the bankers are likely to get 22 slab increase of D.A. from February 2013. In term of percentage, the total D.A. will be 79.95%

However,based on current index figures for Oct and Nov and assuming that the same level of index is continued for Dec also there may have 23 slabs increase in DA rates w.e.f Feb'13.(If there is further increase of 1 point in Dec 2 more slabs increase can be expected)

Please note that exact DA can be calculated only after release of Dec CPI figures by the end of Jan 2013..The projections made are assumption only based on current index figures and rate of inflation.

This projection has been sent by our esteemed reader ,Mr Mohan P. We are grateful to him

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